Echo Kollektiv

Los Refrescos





Dandy Jack-of-all-trades (Perlon, Ruta 5, Crosstown Rebels), with whom James Dean Brown has been close friends for 30years is constantly and restlessly en route to spreading his very unique musical vision. fellowship-agency.nlDandy Jack

Argenis Brito (Cadenza, Mobilee, Tuning Spork), a professional musician, trained singer (Señor Coconut) and passionate producer, continues to flourish as an entertainer of boundary-pushing electrons. Argenis Brito Facebook

As Los Refrescos, these two innovators of sound set the groove levels as high on the official boom scale as you can get on Latin homegrown, and as deep as the Pacific Mariana Trench. The title of their forthcoming release El Mundo Se Está Calentando (The World is Heating Up) includes the promise that their music will raise the temperature of your hearts, and of your pants as well.